The finish line of my degree is firmly in sight and I’m painfully aware of how much this year counts. The pressure, endless deadlines, assignments and my dissertation have completely consumed my life for the past 6 months. Final year has made me feel emotions that were once foreign to me. Some days I can power through my work and have a really productive day, but then others I’m left staring at a blank Word document. My final year has been one of the most challenging experiences but here’s how I’ve (almost) survived it:


A lot of the time you’ll feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done, but I’ve learnt that being organised really helps with this. Know when your deadlines are, create goals, plan out your day and remember to take breaks from revision/studying. Not only will it help with motivation levels, but it’ll reduce stress as everything’s set out clearly.

Planning is something I tend to do a lot, as much as spontaneity is great, I love knowing that everything is well planned and organised. I’m definitely no expert but keeping on top of everything has really helped me survive my final year.


My best friend gave me this advice yesterday and it’s just so true. Final year is not the be all end all. Understandably everyone wants to do their best and feel proud of their grade, but that shouldn’t make you lose sight of what’s really important. Basically everything works out in the end is what I’m trying to say. You just have to trust your abilities, skills and goals.


The earlier you can start your assessments the better. I think I started my dissertation in the Christmas holidays but to be honest I wish I’d started sooner. Don’t underestimate the importance of editing, perfecting and proof-reading you work. Those extra couple of days can make such a difference. Final year is fast paced; everything seems to happen all at once which really tests your time management and multi-tasking skills. So in order to ease the stress, start early – you’ll thank yourself later.

     4. ASK FOR HELP

Don’t be afraid to ask your lecturers, tutors, friends and family for help. Especially in your final year with a dissertation to juggle – you really do need all the support your university can provide you with. Make the most of your contact time with your dissertation tutor and use the resources at university to your advantage. Keep asking your lecturers how to improve; they’re there to help you so use them!

I’m definitely no expert but I thought some tips were worth mentioning! What advice have you been given to survive final year?


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