Easter is definitely underrated and it’s only up until recently that I actually appreciate and celebrate it as a holiday. Even if I’m not entirely sure what date it falls on each year, I still look forward to it and go in with no expectations – unlike New Year and Christmas which is planned at least 2 months in advance. So here are three reasons why Easter is so great and shouldn’t be reduced to “just another day”:


Source: Pixabay.com


What’s there not to love about a four day weekend? It’s the best realisation on a Sunday evening that in the morning, you still don’t have to get up for work/school/university. That extra day makes all the difference; so relax, use the spare days to do the things you’ve wanted to do but haven’t got round to doing yet – a walk, run, see family, organise to meet up with friends, whatever it is Easter is the perfect chance to do it.


Source: Pixabay.com


Easter is officially the first holiday of Spring! The brightly coloured daffodils, longer evenings, fresher mornings, the suns coming out and the BBQ is slowly re-emerging. So break out the dresses and shorts and get ready to enjoy some Spring weather! If that doesn’t give you enough reason to love Easter I don’t know what will.


Source: Pixabay.com


Just like with Christmas, Easter is one of those holidays where you’re just expected to eat a lot of Chocolate. Mini Eggs, Cadbury Chocolate Eggs, Lindt Bunny’s and Creme Eggs; it can all be consumed for the whole weekend without fear of judgement. Also, as I’m writing this I’m currently eating a hot cross bun which is another luxury you get to enjoy over the Easter break.

So, Happy Easter! I hope you enjoy the sun, chocolate and four day weekend as much as I am.


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